Welcome (back) to the 90s

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Welcome back to the 1990s, folks. If you haven’t taken a look around in a little while, please do so. And by the way, this is not a groundbreaking observation, it’s been pretty clear for a good year or so that America has a real bone for all things 1990s. The fashion, the style, the vibes…it’s all there. And it’s great. Why not choose the hits from a bygone era and scratch that nostalgic itch? Hindsight is 20/20 for a reason. We can leave behind what missed the mark, and bring back the keepers.

We want to give a shoutout to a couple of our favorite current brands who have gracefully brought back 90s culture and recreated it with their own takes on these classic pieces. 

Rowing Blazers: The Rugby Shirt

This was an absolute jam in the 90s. It crossed all sorts of boundaries. Everyone wanted a Rugby shirt. This shirt has its origins as a uniform for Rugby, the sport. By our (limited) recollections, Ralph Lauren seemed to be the early mover on Rugby shirts as a fashion piece. Soon it became a hit and others followed suit. One thing is for sure, Rugby shirts were a 90s staple and are enjoying a lengthy moment back in sun thanks to an excellent modern day brand like Rowing Blazers.

Rowing Blazers offers this bad boy and a slew of other 90s wardrobe must-haves. Check them out at: . You won’t be disappointed.

Our second shout out goes to Shinesty and their Ski Suit.

Another piece of history from the early 90s is the full ski suit. It was all the rage, and a perfectly acceptable and desirable outfit for the slopes. Somehow, we as a culture, moved on from this with the introduction of performance gear and muted colors. Why we thought it was interesting to take our aesthetic cues from submarines for the last 20 years is strange, but thankfully, we seem to be moving away these minimalist, drab themes.

We give a nod to Shinesty for being one of the front runners in resurrecting some awesome 90s vibes. Check them out at: for a romp down memory lane as well as what's popping today.

We'll leave you with this mood board of 90s glory. 


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