About Us



FROATS is a new Baltimore-based brand aiming to rock the free world with awesome men’s casual shoes. We see ourselves as an American pirate ship brazenly firing unique footwear to studs in every port—and beyond. Each pair features a leather medallion stamped with our noble mascot: The Goose, reminding all who wear them to get after it! (More on that later.)

Our first rollout is a fresh boat shoe unlike any you've seen before: Vivid patterns and designs are printed on leather (in a super exclusive, proprietary process originally dreamed up by crafty Italian cobblers and wizards) and transformed into stunning footwear that also happens to be incredibly comfortable. FROATS are made from genuine, delicious leather and carefully crafted with the best materials to ensure maximum comfort, durability, and all around sexiness.

So... what’s with the Goose? We embrace the Goose as our esteemed emblem for one very important reason: They are the best buds of the animal kingdom. Working together in a flying V formation, they alternate leaders depending on who’s fit to be out front and who needs a little coasting sesh in the back. No Goose is left behind. They are the ultimate wingmen—a gaggle of loyal air-beasts looking out for each other in the high sky.

And we at FROATS celebrate that every day. Whether you’re getting after it with the boys, commanding a high-powered BBQ, or just ripping around town on your Segway, FROATS will dominate every occasion.

Welcome to FROATS: cut loose and chase the Goose!