The Goose:

We think we have the best mascot out there. As illustrated in our logo, the Goose is coming in hot, slightly off-balance, yet still in control keeping everyone on their toes. His hair is excellent and flapping in the breeze. The sun is out and he’s got his shades on. He’s robust, well-fed, and brimming with confidence.


Goose Traits:

We embrace our noble emblem, the Goose, because we admire their traits and how they handle themselves. They are incredibly loyal. They work together when flying in the V. They alternate leaders depending on who’s fit to be out front, and who needs a little coasting time in the back. No Goose is left behind. They take care of each other and look out for one another. They are the ultimate wingmen.



"cut loose and chase the goose":

Our slogan is really a reminder of how we want to go about each day. Make the most of it. Take the path less traveled, express yourself, don’t be afraid to go your own way. Break out an awesome pair of boat shoes. You don’t have to blend in. Be yourself and do you. Life is short so have a little fun out there.