The Nubuck Summer Series 2021

The big introduction in this Drop is the nubuck leather. As usual, the leather makes the shoe. Nubuck is different from leathers we've previously used and we've intentionally chosen nubuck leather as the perfect summer leather with natural qualities that make a big difference during the hot months.

Let's talk about the nubuck.

Nubuck is a natural, minimally treated top grain leather. Because it is tanned without waxes or oils, it has the best sweat-wicking properties to keep your feet cool in the summer. The surface is soft, porous, and velvety like suede, but stronger and more durable.

Our collection features two awesome solid colors of the blue and red variety. Yet these are a departure from those colors in the classic sense as we have developed two unique, funky, and interesting off-shoots that we know you'll love.

We delayed our Nubuck project in the past because of the time and care needed to work with the leather. Crafting a boat shoe with a delicate material like nubuck leather meant reworking several steps of the process. We think it's been well worth the wait, as the end result is a beautiful, yet limited first batch of boat shoes where no two are identical.