Why are we here?

We are passionate about good shoes. We are also passionate about self-expression, taking the path less traveled, and living on your own terms. FROATS is the marriage of these two pursuits. We believe in building things to last. We believe in dedication to craft and old-world workmanship and attention to detail. We also believe style and fashion can and should exist in equal measure to function and durability. At FROATS, we’ve created a spectacular shoe that turns heads, gets noticed, and is incredibly comfortable day in and day out for the long haul. 

Our Leather

A shoe is defined by its leather and we’re all about the leather. We’ve traveled far and wide curating the softest, most plush hides from select tanneries around the world. We know what long lasting comfort feels like and we are constantly chasing it to provide you with the very best. Your feet deserve it and they will thank you. 

Cut Loose And Chase The Goose

The Goose is our fearless stud of a mascot and this is our slogan. It’s a nod to self-expression, taking the initiative, and living your life. Whether you’re headed into the office, meeting friends for drinks, or even taking a little Sunday stroll: do it your way. Life is too short to blend in. Cut loose and chase the goose!