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The Evergreens
Eric J.(.
Handsome and comfortable

My venetians look classy and fit like a glove. The craftsmanship is nice on them and can be worn to dress up or party down.

Big Feet

It is nice to have large size shoes offered with Style!

The Customer Service is The Best!!!!


Love the shoes no complaints

The Anglers
Donna E.
The Anglers

I purchased these for a Christmas gift for my guy!!
He saw them online and said how much he loved them .

The Abacos
James H.

The Abacos

Froat boat shoes

I just received my 3rd pair of Froat Classic Hinder Seersuckers. Most comfortable boat shoes I have owned.

They offered me 10% on my next buy to write a review.

So they offered me 10% off my next buy to write a review….

But here’s they thing: They didn’t have to offer me a nickel. I’d have done it for nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. Bupkis.

I have 4 pair. I love them all. I don’t want their discount. I’m happy to pay full boat.. I love these shoes. That said, when they have a sale, I’m not an idiot. I’ll take the sale price…

Froat boat shoes

I started buying the Froat boat shoes last year. The quality is outstanding and the service is impeccible. I now have 8 pairs along with 2 new custom pairs. Thank you Froat!

A gift for my son…. Loves these shoes! This is his second pair!

The Shooter McGavins

Wonderful stylist shoes

First and only pair of shoes I’ve worn that people walk up to me and ask about them. Looking forward to my next pair.

The Star Spangleds
Melvin J.M.

The Star Spangleds

great shoes

got my first pair and they are amazing, so comfortable, clearly very well made!


The hammerheads were my 4th pair of froats I’ve purchased. I love my froats and the awesome outfits I can put together to go with them. Can’t wait for my next purchase!!

Perfect Spring/Summer Boat Shoes

These are the best boat shoes I've ever owned. They are the most well made and will likely last twice as long as any other brand of boat shoe I've had. Froats has such a great selection of unique shoes and the quality makes them well worth the price.

Great Style Great shoes!

I get a pair every season. High quality and extremely comfortable. I am Always excited to see the new styles.

Love my hammerheads ! Very comfortable and stylish !

Great gift for husband!

My husband loved his Froats! They are comfortable and stylish. Some of his friends thought so too, they’ve ordered their own. This is a gift no brainer!

The Anglers
Todd H.
Comfortable and stylish

Constant compliments on both pairs of Froats. The light blue with fish are slightly more comfortable. But, both are extremely comfortable!

The Anglers
Bleu P.

Everywhere I go someone has a comment about how much they love my shoes honestly the most comfortable yet fashionable shoes I’ve ever owned.

Well made and comfortable

Besides looking great these shoes are very well made and easy to wear all day. I purchased my 1st pair several years ago and they are holding up very well incl to cool color. I have a few pairs now.

The Hammerheads
Carlos S.
Comfortable and fun boat shoes and Clothing.

We have almost every pair of Froats shoes. They are so comfortable and lightweight that make them perfect for travel as well.

Customer service is amazing. I had some exchanges as my partner ordered the wrong size and they took care of the issue right away; I had the right size in time for our vacations.

I know there are a couple of friends that have placed some orders as well.

Love these shoes

Really well made and I love the cute design - I have abused these shoes 2 - 3 times a week for 2 seasons and they still look great

The Glacier Bays
Marjorie W.M.
Very cool

Everything about these shoes is great…they look wonderful… wear well …are colorful and unique! The froats team is great with answering any questions .. responds in a timely manner and makes the whole experience of buying on line very easy!!!

The Sockeyes
Bernardo C.
Best boat shoes everrrrrr

I love my sockeye FROATS. Super comfortable and durable - I wear them all the time and they’ve held up perfectly. Stylish too - I’ve received multiple compliments!