Cut Loose and Chase the Goose

Froats founders

“Cut Loose and Chase the Goose”

Our slogan is really a reminder of how we want to go about each day. Make the most of it. Take the path less traveled, express yourself, don’t be afraid to go your own way. Break out an awesome pair of leather boat shoes. You don’t have to blend in. Be yourself and do you. Life is short so have a little fun out there, while keeping it fresh and stylish in a pair of hand-crafted boat shoes.

So how did we get to this slogan? How did Froats come to be? If you have any of these questions about the history and purpose of Froats, we have your answers right here and we hope you enjoy getting to know us a bit better. 

In The Beginning…

So how did Froats get started on making the best boat shoes for men? It all began a long time ago (in 2013), in a faraway place - in the cubicle of Will, our founder. Will had a great corporate job but wasn’t particularly fulfilled by it. So he decided to hit the road, traveling in South-East Asia - exploring Shanghai, Hong Kong, and finally Bangkok, looking for startup work and adventure. 

The humid climate of Bangkok would severely test the boat shoes that Will brought along with him as a familiar staple. As someone who takes casual leather shoes for men very seriously, this was more than a little annoyance for the everyday wear of a classic style. With heat and humidity and the need for quick drying and durable leather shoes, it was then that Will realized that he had shoe design problems and needed a solution to enjoy his stay. At the same, he realized he was working in the global production hub of footwear and shoe manufacturers. 

This meant it was relatively easy for him to solve his boat shoe woes - he would design his own versions, the best boat shoes possible. As he began to experiment with insole construction, leather dyeing, and different threads for stitching, he came up with prototypes for breathability, comfort for long days on your feet, water resistance during typhoons, and durable models that could last for years.

As he started to give these awesome spins on casual leather shoes for men to fellow friends and ex-pats, he continued to work on the shoe design and style. Every version he made was more breathable, more comfortable, and more water-resistant than the last. 

What really made these the best boat shoes around was the fun and eye-catching patterns. Will began to stretch out his connections to tanneries around the world. With digital printing, silk screening, custom dyes, and nano-tech prints. Will pushed the limits of what the best boat shoes could be. 

These first runs of Froats (specifically the Anglers) were incredibly popular and sold out in 2016. With this impressive break into the market for casual leather shoes for men, Will decided to take on Froats full-time and continue to provide ultra-soft and stylish designs for a men’s classic boat shoe. See some wonderful testimonials that our community has had to stay about our shoes over the years. 

Now What’s With the Goose?

The Froats logo is our iconic Goose, with styling shades, hair, and shoes. Froats is represented by the Goose for a few reasons. Frankly, we admire the goose as an animal - geese work together when they’re flying. They alternate leaders and let those who need to take a rest in their flying V chill in the back. No goose is ever left behind, and they look out for each other. This is the kind of attitude we want to foster. 

When we say “cut loose and chase the goose”, we want our customers to feel free to do things their way, how they want to. Be yourself and you do you. 

Chase the Goose With Froats

If you’re all about forging your own path, then Froats is going to be the boat shoe community for you. For anyone who wants to mix style and comfort, we have something in store for you. 

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