Dress To Impress This Summer - Colorful Boat Shoes

Summer 2021 isn’t over yet - and it looks like many of us will still get the chance to enjoy it, rock our favorite colorful boat shoe, and celebrate as lockdowns end across the world. This is going to make the remainder of this summer a very special occasion - the first chance for many of us to reconnect with loved ones and our favorite places to visit. 

And for such a special occasion, who won’t want to look their absolute best? Froats is dedicated to helping our customers combine comfort, class, and style in all of our colorful boat shoe patterns.  

Why Boat Shoes Are Great for Summer

When it comes to summer, boat shoes are the ultimate in casual leather shoes for men. Anyone who has had to dress formally on a hot day knows how difficult it can be to keep comfortable and cool. Men’s shoe fashions often leave you sweating and uncomfortable with walking around. However, comfort is built into Froats leather boat shoes DNA - they’re meant for chill days strolling across a beach or boat deck. 

Froats leather shoes are better than most due to being made of only the highest quality leather, including our most recent 2021 drop that features nubuck leather. This kind of leather is among the most prized, with a velvety outer surface. It is also incredibly good at “sweat-wicking” - this means that any sweating that your feet do will be moved through the shoe to the outside, instead of setting into the shoe. (Nubuck leather is also very easy to dye - which is one part of how we get all our great designs!) 

What’s really great about boat shoes and mixing them with your smart-casual or business casual styles is that their designs are the perfect mix of classy and casual for putting together a complete outfit and perfecting men’s shoe fashion. This means that you can enjoy your boat shoes in a variety of settings with sweat-wicking properties and ultra-soft leather. If you’re wondering how to wear a pair of boat shoes, don’t worry - they’re quite the flexible accessory for a variety of summer fun and different occasions! 

beach boat shoes

Boat Shoes and Special Occasions

Plenty of people are already planning something special this summer, whether it’s a new opportunity to get together with friends or catching up on postponed events. This could be delayed weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries. People sometimes get nervous about how to wear boat shoes when it’s a more formal event, but thankfully a dress shoe doesn’t have to be your only option anymore. For more casual events, such as baby showers or birthdays, it’s fine to rock the colorful boat shoes, especially if they are being held outdoors or beachside. 

For weddings, you may want to hold off on the bold colors and go for a more classic style or neutral color, like a navy blue boat shoe. And if it’s an anniversary or work get-together - well, hopefully, they can appreciate the style of colorful boat shoes and fun patterns. Check out our cork pattern boat shoe that would look great for date night or drinks with your colleagues.

casual men boat shoe

Boat Shoes and Casual Fun

For the rest of the summertime, boat shoes can be a staple of your men’s shoe fashion. Anytime you’re outdoors, no matter how far away from the beach, boat shoes will help you stay comfortable and stylish while you have fun. BBQs, pool parties, beach days, or picnics at the park, are all great opportunities to reconnect with the outdoors and your friends. 

Colorful boat shoes will also be a great choice this summer when attending a patio for drinks, or for any dinner parties you have lined up. Made to last for all-day comfort whether you’re wearing socks or not. Last but not least on the outdoor fun, a pair of stylish deck shoes will always be appreciated by the marina. Crack open a bottle of wine and enjoy the great outdoors. 

Boat Shoes and Summer Adventure

The history of boat shoes is, as the name suggests, tied up tightly with boating in general. The original boat shoes were invented back in the day to help sailors avoid slipping on slick boat decks. In fact, early forms of boat shoes were used by the US Navy! 

The upshot is that boat shoes are great for low-key adventuring and tough enough to do some serious walking. This could be a day out on a sailing boat or a quick trip on a motorboat on the lake. It could be time spent exploring a beach, or the downtown of your city. Or maybe it’s just a walk around the neighborhood with friends and family. 

Boat shoes are comfortable enough to make a lot of walking bearable with all-day comfort. Better yet, good-quality boat shoes (like Froats!) won’t mind getting a little bit wet. This means that you can chill by the sand and surf without too much worry about ruining your shoes. 

The sweat-wicking properties mentioned earlier also mean that they can really take the heat. No matter how hot it gets, your Froats will help you move sweat to the outside of your shoe, instead of keeping it on the inside where it will get uncomfortable. Essentially Froats boat shoes are one of the best out there when it comes to keeping the wet on the outside, not the inside. 

Get Your Boat Shoes With Froats

No matter your taste in colorful boat shoes, Froats has something for you in our collections. Get something comfy and eye-catching, and go out there and enjoy what’s left of summer - we all deserve a bit of fun in the sun. 

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