Why Shoes Make The Outfit

Any outfit is only as strong as its weakest link. Too often shoes are only an afterthought when it comes to putting a wardrobe together. However, shoes can often be one of the most important parts of an outfit. 

Because of this, there has been a tendency to be conservative with shoes. People might go for crazy socks, sure, but moving outside of the old favorites for shoes is seen as somewhat risky. This piece will show that shoes don’t need to be your fashion concern - they’re your fashion opportunity. And what better way to take advantage of such an opportunity than with some of the best leather boat shoes out there?

Shoes Give You Bang For Your Buck

What makes your shoes such an important part of your fashion ensemble is how much impact they can have on your appearance per dollar spent. You can get good pairs of casual boat shoes for under $200 USD. Meanwhile, if you want to get the best in designer jeans, it will be a few hundred dollars - if not more. And if you’re wearing some colorful leather boat shoes, people are going to notice a lot more than jeans, especially when it comes to business casual or smart casual outfits.

What’s better is that quality shoes aren't an investment that you’ll have to keep making, if you don’t want to. High-quality leather boat shoes will last you for quite a while. This means that they’ll be doing the heavy lifting in your fashion lineup for years to come. It is however worthwhile having at least 2 different styles of pattern to alternate as your staples in men’s fashion. 

Boat Shoes Can Make a Statement

Too often, when people think of leather boat shoes, they think of the classic men’s brown boat shoes. This has unfortunately held back the application of boat shoes style. However, that doesn’t need to be the case. Whether in a bold color, like a deep blue boat shoe, or in a funky pattern like a pink boat shoe.  These are an easy way to get some eye-catching color and make a fashion statement. 

Froats Boat Shoes Mean No Comfort Sacrifices

Sometimes great looking shoes are a pain to walk around in. Women know this best, but even men’s shoes can sometimes be not the best for walking. Froats, ultra-soft leather, and casual boat shoes will help you avoid this problem. With the best quality leather shoes, you’re not going to be constrained by your own fashion - you can be stylish wherever you want to go and take comfort in knowing you’ll be avoiding the pain and blisters that generally come with stylish leather shoes.

Check Out Our Full Collection

No matter your style, Froats has a full collection of great shoes in our shop. Make sure to check out all our collections, to find the boat shoe that is best for you. 

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