Why Boat Shoes Are Great - Anywhere

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 8 Reasons Why Boat Shoes Are Great - Anywhere

There are two kinds of people in this - the boat shoe converts, and the unenlightened. Some may believe that the boat shoe is something to be relegated to yachts off the New England coast. However, we are firm believers that boat shoes are for everyone and everyone. 


If you’re wondering about why to invest in boat shoes, this is going to serve as your comprehensive guide as to why you shouldn’t overlook this classic piece of footwear. Boat shoes aren’t just for the boats and beaches. 


So without further ado, here are a few of our top reasons why you should have a pair of boat shoes in your closet this summer - and every other season as well. 

       1) Comfortable

Boat shoes (known as deck shoes in some parts of the world) were originally created, as the name suggests, for use on boats. Non-slip boat shoes were perfect for those who wanted to avoid nasty slips while out at sea. However, the rubber soles and leather structures of non-slip boat shoes turned out to be crazy comfortable as well. It’s for this reason that we sell many boat shoes even to places that are about as far from the ocean as you can get. Whether you’re in New England or Nevada, men’s boat shoes are the key to comfort. 

     2) Convenient

Men’s casual boat shoes are able to marry their amazing comfort to wonderful convenience as well. The best boat shoes are easy to slip into as slip-on shoes while having laces to adjust the fit to your preference. Depending on the make, you have the option to wear them with socks or without. Their understated style is also very convenient - men’s casual boat shoes offer you the ability to wear a leather shoe in public instead of a sneaker while maintaining maximum comfort. You get to look presentable, without putting any real work into it. And what’s cooler than being effortless at looking cool? 

   3) Breathable

Boat shoes may be good for all seasons, but they were designed for summer. And that means that they were designed to beat the heat - whether at the beach, desert, or city. The best boat shoes will keep you from frying your feet on hot days. Those made out of lighter leathers can also be impressive at wicking sweat, keeping you dry to boot.

  4) Lightweight

Boat shoes aren’t just for comfort when lounging around either. They’re much more lightweight than other kinds of leather shoes. This means that they’re great for summer strolls, and are also a lot more portable than other shoes. This means that you can take them anywhere. Boat shoes are perfect for wear at home or on vacation around the world. 

  5) Water Friendly

Men’s casual boat shoes are tougher than their laid-back image might entail. While you don’t want to actually toss your boat shoes into salt water, the same water resistance that makes them good at wicking sweat also means that they can handle getting a little damp. This isn’t just good for beaches - all around the world, we’ve had to put up with dew or sprinklers, puddles,  or rain.  With just a little bit of care, your boat shoes can handle most anything - much better than more formal leather shoes as well. 

  6) Non-Slip

Boat shoes were invented to help give sailors better traction on slick decks. Non-slip boat shoes will give you great stability while walking, no matter where that is. The secret to this is their quick-drying rubber soles, which are cut into patterns that help give you a better grip on slick surfaces. The rubber sole also helps give you better support, making them a great shoe for those prone to developing leg or back pain. 

 7) Classic Style…

There’s a reason that the boat shoe has lasted so long - it’s simply an iconic style. Boat shoes have been popular since the 1930s, and have been positively a fashion staple since the 1980s. Even today, you’ll find average joes and major celebrities alike turning to boat shoes when they need to strike that perfect balance between comfort and style. This makes boat shoes perfect as a “light casual” or “dressy” shoe. 

 8)...With Modern Flair 

Just because men’s boat shoes have a pedigree, doesn’t mean that the designers of the best boat shoes don’t have any room for innovation. Many designers of high-quality boat shoes have been bucking the trends when it comes to color and design, keeping all the benefits of classic boat shoes while letting their wearers better express their individual flair. It’s for this reason that boat shoes have made a major resurgence in recent years. 


Shoes For All Seasons

As you can see, boat shoes shouldn’t be relegated just to the deck. No matter where you live in the world, the best boat shoes are going to be an excellent investment. We’ve been delighted to see that Froats has found a place with customers all across the world. Though based in Baltimore, we see the market for men’s casual boat shoes to be anyone around the world who refuses to compromise between comfort and style. 


If you’re into boat shoes that are all about pushing into new and bold styles, make sure to check out the many options available in our store. We have tons of great patterns and styles for you to choose from - no matter how near or far the ocean is. 

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