Your Guide to Men’s Summer Fashion

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The end of quarantine is in sight - and with some room left to get out there and enjoy summer while it still lasts! With such a strange couple of years, most of us are going to be a little bit out of the loop when it comes to men’s summer fashion. 

So to help out, here’s a quick refresher for men’s fashion, 2021. If you’re still a little bit uncertain, don’t worry - a lot of us are going to be pretty awkward when it comes to socializing and being presentable for some time. So don’t sweat it, we got you covered.General Tips

Maybe this quick article isn’t concise  enough, - so here’s the general rundown on men’s fashion 2021. People have been stuck inside for quite a while, and many of them have become used to working in pajamas - or less. That will mean that when forced to put on proper outside clothes, comfort is going to be the name of the game for men’s fashion trends. 

This means that anything that would fall into the “nice casual” or “preppy” style. This is going to be appropriate for men’s summer fashion this year and quite easy to put together a nice summer outfit. You should feel comfortable in whatever it is that you are wearing at any given moment. Think more of a “soft style” than anything meticulously planned. 

Starting with Shirts

Alright, so what does this men’s summer fashion mean for shirts? To keep in line with the preppy theme, we’d recommend polo shirts this summer, to bring the beach vibes, no matter where you are. Button shirts will also look good. Anything you’re wearing should be loose and comfortable around the neck. Soft colors will be great, as will patterns. The right balance you want to strike is between laid back and casual, while still having some fun and energy. 

The Long and Short on Shorts (And Jeans) 

When it comes to men’s shorts fashion, it’s often pretty easy to prepare for summer. If you have colorful shirts and shoes, then you will want to go for chino shorts to avoid creating any color clashes. With men’s summer shorts this year, you’re going to want something easy to move in. 

If you go for pants, jeans will be alright, but wide bottoms aren’t exactly in this season for men, so try opting for a straight leg pair of jeans. If jeans aren’t your thing at all, what is definitely in are chino pants, which can give you great casual summer styles. 

And, Of Course, the Shoes 

When it comes to casual men’s fashion, casual shoes can make all the difference in putting an ensemble together. Of course, at Froats, we’re going to be recommending “smart casual” shoes such as the boat shoe. 

However, with men’s fashion casual shoes, there’s no reason to rely on the old staples of “classic” boat shoes. This summer you should not be afraid to really go for bold and show off cool patterns and vibrant colors. You can either try and make your shoes stand out on their own with an eye-catching pattern, or pick a bold color that matches the rest of your wardrobe.

If you’re looking for bold and eye-catching casual shoes, you don’t need to look any further than our shop. With quick shipping, we can quickly deliver the perfect summer shoe to match your wardrobe this summer. 

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