Boat Shoes: Getting the Right Fit

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The best boat shoes will be among the most comfortable shoes you can ever own. Slip-on boat shoes have a well-deserved reputation for being convenient, casual, and comfy, all in one. At Froats, we find the idea of anyone being uncomfortable wearing boat shoes to be a true travesty. With that in mind, we’ll put together a few things to keep in mind when buying men’s boat shoes to make sure you have the best boat shoes and experience possible. 

Buying the Right Size

Generally, buying a slip-on pair of boat shoes isn’t any different than getting other kinds of shoes. You should always be making sure that you’re buying a size appropriate for you. However, boat shoes are generally made from flexible materials, so if you want a snug fit, you might not be amiss adjusting the size down slightly

When buying boys’ boat shoes, you might want to avoid this small adjustment - kids grow fast after all. Buying the right size also depends on what the shoe is made of. Shoes made of less flexible material should fit tightly at first, so they mold to the shape of your foot as you wear them. Otherwise, your foot will be rattling around in your shoe. The best boat shoes will have more forgiving materials, letting you wear them as you like, such as leather boat shoes and rubber outsole. 

Breaking in is Normal

With most high quality men’s boat shoes and boy’s boat shoes, the “breaking in” process is normal. In this process, the shoe will feel a little tight at first as it adjusts to your foot, and as you start to soften the leather. Froats are designed to be soft from day one, so you can wear them dancing out of the box without worrying about blisters.  There’s no pride in hurting yourself to break in a stiff shoe.  

Learn Boat Shoe Lace Tying

An iconic feature of many boat shoes is their thick leather laces. A lot of boat shoe novices have more trouble with these laces than they expect. This can be especially tricky if the laces get wet during a day out on the boat. Without knowing how to tie boat shoes, it can be hard to get the fit you want. Thankfully, there are lots of great tutorials on how to get the exact fit you want with lace tying. Once you’ve got the knack of how to tie boat shoes, any pair you buy can be worn just how you like it. A few of the most common styles are barrel knot, tassel knot and square knot. 

Buying Froats Boat Shoes 

Of course, the best way to get the best fit is to get the best boat shoes. At Froats, our boat shoes are made from a much softer leather than you will generally see in men’s boat shoes on the market. This means that there’s not a long break-in period with Froats, nor any of the dreaded “early boat shoe blisters''. Our shoes also come with an antimicrobial insole, designed to provide better support when walking, while cutting down on the sweat with moisture wicking properties. 

If you want instantly comfortable men’s boat shoes, then look no further - check out what we have in stock in our shop right now.

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