What To Wear To Your Next Winery Visit?

Vineyard grapes

Bachelorette parties and IPOs are a great reason to jet off to Napa, but the experience of a tasting or tour doesn’t have to be at Harlan Estate to be a great way to spend a weekend.  Winemakers know this, which is why you can find small vineyards and wineries all over the country.  They have the same picturesque hills of manicured grapevines, but at the end of the day, you don’t have to spend $500 on a bottle to impress your date. 

Wine tastings and tours are about dressing well, Instagram-worthy pictures, and getting as many samples as it takes to fully appreciate the latest vintage before you get back in the uber with plastic cups and your takeaway bottles. This piece will help you hone in on what to wear to your next winery visit. 

Sensible Choices

Most vineyards are cool and shady - which makes them the perfect choice for weddings and other outdoor events. However, you will still often be out in the sun, so it’s important to stay safe against sun exposure. 

Thankfully, there are some easy choices to make that can help you beat the heat. Loose and light clothing will protect you from overheating. A hat can help protect your face from extra UV rays. And never forget your sunscreen - it can be a lifesaver. 

Dress for the occasion, but dress for the photos

If the tasting is part of a wedding weekend itinerary, there’s likely some attached dress code.  Unless it’s the actual wedding reception or a black-tie event, you’re going to have a lot of latitude to look sharp on your own terms.  Avoid shorts.  Somebody will be wearing them, but it shouldn’t be you. 

Get a summer-weight blazer, linen if you’ve got time to have it pressed before the event.  If your blazer is blue or navy, your shirt should be white.  If you’ve got a party blazer, something a bit more outgoing, this is the time to bust it out.  Whoever booked this venue did it for the pictures.  Expect a professional photographer who will ignore you if you’re dressed boringly.  And of course, this is where your Froats come in.

You can pull off khakis, an off-the-rack blazer, and a simple white shirt, and still steal the show with a pair of Anglers pink boat shoes to set it off.  Vineyards are an outdoor affair which means that they’re spaced out.  Multiple catering bars mean there’s no need to crowd, which means your shoes are going to get a lot more visibility than in a banquet hall.  

Match the Winery 

Just like with any event, you need to consider the venue first and foremost. As more and more people get into the wine business, there is a greater variety of styles of winery. Before you head out on your wine tasting adventure, it’s good to do your research to see how fancy the winery seems to be. If it’s a farm-style property, casual summer styles are more appropriate. If it’s a more upscale estate, nicer shirts, pants, and dresses are the way to go. A little research can go a long way here - see if you can’t find pictures. 

Bring Your Walking Shoes 

Any good vineyard tour will involve a lot of walking through picturesque grapes. This is, of course, a highlight of the tour, but can lead to sore feet if you don’t come adequately prepared. This is why one of the most important parts of women’s and men’s summer fashion is getting the right shoes. 

For women, be cautious if you’re going upscale with high heels - a winery tour can involve a lot of grass and gravel. Make sure you go for a thicker heel for the most comfortable walking experience.

For men’s shoe fashions, you’re going to want something that looks sharp but has a good grip on it. Your best bet is to go for leather shoes for men that are designed for long walks. As far as men’s shoe fashion goes, it can be tricky to mix comfort with style when planning a summer outfit. 

When it comes to leather shoes for men, we’d definitely recommend looking into a casual boat shoe. This gives you something that has a casual style, suitable for both indoors and outdoors, along with a sense of fun that should be part of any wine tasting. Best of all, Froats has the perfect casual boat shoe for this kind of outing. 

Get Comfortable Boat Shoes for All Occasions

No matter where you’re going, from the beaches, to the golf course, or to your favourite winery, Froats has a boat shoe that is right for you. We’ll make sure that you have the comfiest shoe to best enjoy summer - or any season! 

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