Not your Grandfather’s Boat Shoes

Man on dock wearing blue boat shoes

Few items of footwear have as much culture and history wound up in them as the American classic boat shoe. When you ask the question of “what are boat shoes”, the answer doesn’t just encompass a description - it encompasses a story and a culture. When it comes to boat shoes vs. loafers or other shoes, boat shoes tend to evoke the most vivid image.

Many feel that this makes boat shoes inherently old-fashioned, trapped in some previous point in time. Of course, people have been prophesying the “death” of the boat shoe forever, and so far it’s not come to pass. This is because boat shoes have constantly been able to reinvent themselves over and over again through time, and something Froats is proud to be a part of. When it comes to boat shoes, Froat’s ain’t your grandfather’s pair.

The Boat Shoe Story

So what are boat shoes? How can you tell boat shoes vs loafers or other leather shoes? Boat shoes are, in simplest terms, leather shoes with rubber soles and a durable hand-stitch around the toe. Patterns on the soles, waterproof leather, and thick laces were included for their original purpose, which was to be worn on (you guessed it) boats. The waterproofing helped keep the shoe from being stained by water at sea, and the rubber sole helped prevent slipping on wet decks, and they are often referred to as deck shoes. 

Because of this, boat shoes in the past have become very associated with a specific customer base - wealthy men who owned yachts in New England. However, leather boat shoes were just too comfy and stylish to keep at sea. Soon they found a new home on college campuses, becoming associated closely with what was known as “preppy” fashion as of the 1980s. Fast forward to the late 2000s and they have made their way to mainstream men’s fashion with celebrities wearing a pair of boat shoes on a night out, to everyday people wearing them and enjoying the comfort and fit for everyday use. 

Modern Boat Shoes With Froats

At Froats, we believe that our colorful boat shoes keep the laid-back spirit of boat shoes alive while pushing the style ahead. When it comes to leather boat shoes, Froats is very much intended to be the “new and improved” version of the make.

The key to this is in our patterns. From eye-catching to classy, you’ll never mistake Froats boat shoes for men, for any other kind of leather boat shoe. However, Froat’s isn’t just all great first appearances. Every detail, down to the smallest stitching, is designed to be the highest quality of comfort and fit. This includes our American-made leather laces. 

This means that every Froat’s shoe is very distinct from the classic canvas and fabric-laced boat shoes of the olden days. With Froat’s you’ll not just have a great leather boat shoe - you’ll have an unmistakable fashion statement.

Check Out All the Froats Patterns

No matter your style, there will be something for you in the Froats shop. Whatever look you want to rock for the rest of this summer or seasons to come, there is a Froats style for you. 

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