How To Take Care Of My Leather Boat Shoes

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Leather boat shoes are an investment - with just a little bit of love and care, you can get years worth of comfort, fun, and great memories on the beach and beyond. Sometimes people are worried about getting leather shoes because they’re worried about the amount of care they might require.

Thankfully, we’re here to tell you that leather boat shoes are as easy to take care of as they are comfy. This quick piece will give you everything you need to know about boat shoe care - particularly if your shoes are Froats. 

Talking Leather

What’s important to understand and to consider, is the material they are made out of. Depending on the kind of leather the shoes are made out of, and how it’s treated, they’ll have various levels of waterproofing properties. This is very important when it comes to caring for your leather shoes. The more easily that your shoe is stained by water or sweat, the more of a hassle it is going to be to maintain. 

Thankfully, Froats only uses top-grain and full-grain leather, designed for maximum sweat-wicking properties. Sweat-wicking is super important for any leather boat shoe - this is the ability of the shoe to move moisture like sweat to the outside of the leather where it will dry. Full grain leather deck shoes with poor sweat-wicking properties are going to be prone to staining.

Avoiding Boat Shoe Foot

One of the fiercest debates raging around boat shoes is this - boat shoes with socks, or without? To many, boat shoes with socks is a fashion faux pas. To others, wearing socks is a requirement to avoid swimming in your sweat, and getting sweaty smelling feet in return. 

Thankfully, with a bit of clever planning, you can avoid this kind of problem. Froats is a big fan of “no-show” socks - this lets you cut down on sweat and smell, without alerting the nearest fashion police to your presence. 

Cleaning Tips

Many people assume that “waterproof” means that you can spill whatever you like on your shoes and you’ll be fine. Just because a shoe is listed as waterproof or water resistant doesn’t mean that you should go submerging it, if you don’t have to. It also doesn’t make it resistant to spills from drinks other than water.

If your shoe does suffer a spill, don’t worry - if you wipe them down immediately, you should be good. In general, you may want to give your leather boat shoes regular cleanings to keep them looking their best. Just take out the laces, wipe them down, and maybe give them some leather conditioner - just never put them in the washing machine!

Get The Best Leather Boat Shoes With Froats 

When it comes to the best leather boat shoes, Froats has something for you in our collections. All of our shoes are made from the best-handcrafted leather, designed to keep you comfortable and stylish for many seasons to come. 

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