Guide to Froats Shoe Patterns

Wine cork style boat shoes

Froats has always felt that part of what makes ours among the best boat shoes out there is our distinctive aesthetic style. If you’re looking for men’s stylish boat shoes - then look no further. Froats has delivered a few runs of men’s and boys’ boat shoes by now. 

If you’re just finding Froats (welcome!) or coming back for more (welcome back!), then you might not know all of the patterns and makes that are currently available. So for those looking to do some shopping for men’s boat shoes for this summer or simply need some men’s fashion trends and tips, here are the patterns Froats have available with our 2020 and 2021 collections.

The Wine and Dines

The Wine and Dines are a set of men’s boat shoes made out of full-grain Curano Leather. These shoes come with laces of auburn leather, stainless steel eyelets, New England stitch threading, deep latex in-soles, and 100% natural rubber outsoles.

The Wine and Dines come in a distinctive cork pattern that is fun, but understated compared to some of our other designs. The pattern and name are, of course, inspired by the pleasures of summer wine drinking and dinner with friends. With this pattern, a chill, low profile is the name of the game. These men’s boat shoes are great for casual weekends around the house, strolls about town, or even in the workspace.


winery styled boat shoes


The Shooter McGavins

The Shooter McGavins are men’s boat shoes made out of bold green Mandalay leather, featuring the same levels of quality materials that go into our Wine and Dines. The shoes also feature yellow stitching accompanied by our logo seal in red on the back of the shoe.


If you don’t know who Shooter McGavin is… well, you’d best go give Happy Gilmore a watch. Golf was definitely on our mind in the design of this green boat shoe. In particular, the vivid green and yellow stitching were definitely made with Augusta’s famous sports jackets in mind. Just like the sport of golf, this men’s stylish boat shoe is as serious or as fun as you let it be.


green boat shoes


The Classic Hinder Seersuckers

The Classic Hinder Seersuckers can be seen as a companion shoe to the Shooter McGavins. Both shoes are made out of full-grain Mandalay leather, and both have the same solid construction features. The Classic Hinder Seersuckers have a fresh striped pattern of white and blue, a perfect match for lighter men’s summer fashions.


“Seersucker” is a type of striped fabric that is renowned for its ability to keep you cool in the summer heat. The most iconic type of seersucker stripes has to be blue and white. The term “Seersucker” comes from the Hindustani words shîr and shakar, which mean “milk” and “sugar” - a poetic way to describe the rough and smooth texture of seersucker. This fabric spread from India to any part of the world where sweltering summers were common. Heavily associated with 1920s style, seersucker is making a come back into style. These seersucker pattern boat shoes are perfect for end-of-week meetings, drinks, and dinner in the city, or a weekend with friends. Whenever it’s summer, or you’re in a summer mood, these men’s boat shoes will be ready and waiting. It’s no wonder that this is our most popular pattern.


classic style boat shoe with stripes


The Anglers

The Anglers are for those who want to push things in a more bold and tropical direction. The Mandalay leather of this pattern is styled in bold pink and decorated with blue Marlins. Leather lacing completes this outrageously fun package.


Marlins, or spearfish, are some of the fastest and most powerful fish in the sea. Fishing for Marlin is considered to be the true pinnacle of offshore game fishing, and there have been many famous marlin fishers, including authors Zane Grey and Ernest Hemingway. For those who want a bit of excitement in their style, this is one of the best men’s boat shoes out there - perfect for anything on or near the water. 


man in beach water holding a pair of pink boat shoes


The Sharks and Minnows

The Sharks and Minnows pattern is made out of full-grain Conway leather, designed for maximum comfort. You can put these shoes on right out of the box, without worrying about the “break-in period” that you’ll need with other men’s and boys’ boat shoes. 


These shoes feature one of our more fun and casual patterns, with navy sharks and pink minnows on the light blue Conway leather. This chill and preppy design make them a great pick when it comes to men’s stylish boat shoes. You can easily take these into work, or take them out deep sea fishing - whatever floats your boat. 


man sitting on a dock with blue boat shoes


The Sockeyes

The Sockeyes form the first part of our 2021 Nubuck Collection. Both pieces feature top-grain Nubuck Leather. These men’s boat shoes are made to combine a soft and comfortable fit, with durability and breathability. When you’re ready to get exploring post-quarantine, these are among the best boat shoes for you.


Both sets of boat shoes in the Nubuck Collection took inspiration from Alaska. The red-pink stylings of The Sockeyes are informed by the mighty sockeye salmon. There’s nothing actually sock-y about the eyes of these fish - the name is a translation of the Native Canadian Halkomelem people’s word for the fish, which literally translates to “red fish”. While these fish are silvery when living out in the ocean, they adopt a vivid red color when making their dramatic salmon runs. It’s this distinctive hue we tried to capture in our own Sockeyes.


man sitting beside the pool wearing froats red boat shoes


Glacier Bays 

The Glacier Bays are our companion shoe to the Sockeyes, made of the same soft Nubuck leather. The main difference between the two is that these shoes have their leather died in the deep, rich blue of the heart of an icy glacier. 


These shoes get their name from Glacier Bay National Park, a real place west of Juneau, Alaska. Glacier Bay is famous for its staggering glaciers, and its rich wildlife, both on and off the land. No matter how hot the summer is, this will be the perfect shoe to stay chill and connected to nature. 


man wearing blue leather boat shoes


Stay Tuned 

You can find all of these amazing men’s boat shoes in our online shop. We offer 3-4 day shipping on orders over $99 - if you’re on the East Coast, that's typically 1-2 days.  Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep updated with any new designs. 

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