The Best Office and Casual Work Shoes For Men

Remember offices? Those places you used to work? How about other places you may have forgotten during the pandemic - restaurants and your other favorite haunts? As lockdowns end across the world, many of us are returning to the hustle and bustle of everyday work life.

Of course, this means that we have to once again look presentable. Many of us may have forgotten how to actually pull off men’s business casual fashion. As a company in the business of casual leather shoes for men, Froats knows a bit about business casual - at least when it comes to your feet. Here’s our guide on using Froats casual boat shoes into your everyday business casual wardrobe.

Why Froats are Great For the Office

Boat shoes are an excellent choice for plenty of office spaces. Firstly, while casual boat shoes certainly are comfy, they don’t push too far into the “too casual” space and fit perfectly into the business casual dress code. Froats has a variety of great designs that can smoothly fit into your business’s everyday wardrobe. 

However, you shouldn’t discount the comfort of casual boat shoes at the office either. Boat shoes are some of the few casual leather shoes for men that you can easily slip on and off under the desk to increase your comfort during the day - and reclaim a little bit of that pandemic freedom. 

Of course, this does depend very much on your office in question - Many businesses will hold casual days and events, even if the usual dress code is all suits and ties. And when you need to wind down the suit and tie - Froats will be there for you.

Froats are also very useful in the opposite scenario - where you’re not in a stuffy office job but in one that has you on your feet a good deal of the time. Being on the go all day without comfortable shoes can sometimes lead to some pretty severe foot and hip issues. Thankfully, Froats lets you go all day in cool and stylish comfort. Froats sweat-wicking properties and breathability will also be very welcome if you have a hot workplace! 

The best part about wearing Froat’s in men’s business casual fashion is that it makes the transition to after-hour dinner or drinks easy as anything. You’ll be immediately ready to be comfortable and casual while rocking a pair of shoes with a variety of styles - a polo shirt, dress shirt, collared shirt, or button-down shirt. It really does compliment just about all office styling preferences. 

Beyond Work

As mentioned, a great part about Froats is how easily they transition from a meeting, to out of the office space. Want to go for a walk in the park? Walk on the beach? Walk around the city? Lunch meeting on a patio? Froats leather boat shoes have you covered with incredibly walk-friendly shoes. Plus, if you do want to head where there’s surf or sprinklers, the cured leather offers decent waterproofing as well.

However, Froats aren’t just for comfort. They bring a good deal of eye-catching style to casual leather shoes for men. This means that you can still wear them with the goal of looking impressive for a night on the town. 

Going Full Casual

You don’t need to rely on your Froats as only your flexible “workday” shoe either. All Froats shoes are perfect for the weekends and vacations as well, able to travel with you all around the world. Their extreme comfort makes them great for exploring a city, be that your hometown, or a new metropolis in far-off lands you are only discovering for the first time. 

Froats colorful boat shoes pair great with all kinds of casual clothes, from shorts to jeans, and from t-shirts to polos. They’re even perfect for a long day at the beach in your swimwear. When it comes to Froats, compared to other boat shoes, you shouldn’t feel scared to go bold with your colors and patterns. Froats are shoes that are all about fun, and our eye-catching patterns are made with this in mind. 

The fact that these shoes look good with a lot of different pants and shorts means that they don’t have to be summer-only shoes either. Matching boat shoes with jeans or dress pants is easy, and means that they can easily serve as walking shoes in autumn or spring - or even in winter if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that warm! 

Three Great Office To Happy-Hours Shoes

Sometimes it can be difficult picking something in particular out of Froats great collection. If you’re wondering what a good casual boat shoe for the office is - here are our recommendations:

Wine and Dines: A nicely subdued pattern, the Wine and Dine will fit in with almost any smart-casual outfit. It’s close to the traditional “brown leather”, but with a nice little twist. Plus, the cork pattern is very appropriate for after-work wine dinners.

man wearing brown boat shoes

The Hinder Seersuckers: Looking for a bit more of a neat pattern, but don’t want to go too crazy? For a more casual workspace, the Hinder Seersuckers are an excellent choice - and they’ve got an eternal summer vibe to them. Seersucker is synonymous with summer across the American South - and now you can bring that summer spirit wherever you go. 

man wearing baby blue boat shoes

Sockeyes - Prefer solid colors? The deep red of the Sockeye is a great match for a lot of men’s business casual fashion. This bold color is inspired by the Alaska wilderness, but you can keep it tame inside your office space if needed. 

red boat shoes

Make sure to check out the rest of our options in our shop, to find the best match for your outfit and workplace.  


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